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Dominate Social Networking has now been released… not the way I wanted to release it because Clickbank still have not approved it, so I’ve released it under my own website. Unfortunately this also means I can’t offer it to my affiliates as I have no way to pay them until I can sort out something else. As regular readers will know, Paypal is not an option at the moment.

Oh well, just have to promote it myself.

Just to remind you what Dominate Social Networking actually is. It is an Online Video series which shows you how to get the most out of social networking and drive tons of traffic to your websites. The package includes downloadable MP3s of each video and also a PDF Transcript of each, as well if you like to print and read, rather than watch videos online.

If you are not using Social Networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook to generate traffic to your websites you are missing out on a ton of traffic and this video series is designed to help you understand what you need to be doing to get access to all this extra traffic.

Even though I can’t offer you affiliate commissions to promote it yourself, I’m sure you’ll find the information the videos contain very useful in your own online efforts.

Dominate Social Networking

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