Copy. Paste. Promote. Repeat. You’ve got to be kidding right?

I’ve been away for a few days attending a funeral and I’m finding it a little hard to get back into the swing this week. I don’t know why, maybe my mind is elsewhere at the moment possibly.

Anyway, as a way of getting my head in the right place, I’ve published an article today which provides some pointers to the things you need to do when you are marketing online,. I’ve published it as a reminder to myself, but also as an inspiration to you if you are starting out marketing on the internet or even if you’ve been at it for some time.

The article is written by Sandi Hunter, Director of  Website Development at Worldprofit Inc., and you can read it here: Articles / Home Business / Copy. Paste. Promote. Repeat.

When you’ve read today’s article we would really like to hear your thoughts and would welcome your comments on the article to share with our other readers.


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My name is Graham Lee and I am the owner of 'Thoughts On Internet Marketing', as well as other websites Marketing Information Products, Ebooks and Software for Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I've been involved in Internet Marketing for about 5 Years on a part-time basis, whilst holding down a full-time job. I now work more online but also have a number of offline businesses in Photography and Woodworking.

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