Clearing Out the Attic


I spent all day on Sunday clearing out my attic, well not completely but I made a start anyway. Basically I’m one of those people who always keeps the packaging whenever I buy something, in case it needs to be returned within the warranty period. A bit OCD I know but the intention is always to get rid of the packaging when it is no longer needed, in theory at least. In practice this is obviously not the case – I found three boxes for irons, none of which were for our current iron, I found another kettle box and various other boxes which ‘expired’ two or three years ago !

The reason for starting to clear out the attic was to put more newer boxes up there and find some packaging for items I want to put up on ebay. Some boxes are useful and I like to keep them for items I know are of higher value and I will probably try to sell when I upgrade. I bought myself a PS3 for Christmas, so the PSOne is going on ebay along with all the accessories and games I have. So clearing out the loft did have a purpose. Also it allowed me to dispose of three computer monitors, two TV’s, three TV stands, a whole load of empty boxes and four bags of recycleable waste. Yesterday morning I loaded up the car and took them all to the local dump. Job well done.

But what does all this have to do with Internet Marketing ?

Well when I got back from the dump, feeling very pleased with myself for 1) finally disposing of some junk and 2) being able to recycle most of it, I started work. Now because I spent the whole day in the attic on Sunday, I did not get time to check my email, so when I logged in yesterday morning, I was greeted with 265 emails – Yes Two Hundred and Sixty Five ! and that did not include the 300 + my spam filter automatically deleted or the hundreds I’ve probably received into my gmail account. Talk about information overload ! It made me realise that I need to clear out my email subscriptions as well as the attic.

So I’ve decided to slowly go through my email and start unsubscribing from some of the more non-useful lists. Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll only be getting a fraction of the emails I’m getting now – I’ll let you know how I get on.

All this leads me to re-iterate what I said in my last post

Getting Organised and Focused
early in the process of doing business online is paramount to making it a success

… because now I’m going to have to spend time doing it, when I should be spending time building my business.

More about what I’m doing to achieve growth in later posts.

Anyway, enough for now

See you again later


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