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Can you answer a quick question for me? What’s the biggest problem (or problems) you’re having with your business right now? You can reply to this post with your answer. Your answer will help me know what type of products and services (paid and free) my readers need and want. Doesn’t matter what it is,

21 Recommended Books for Entrepreneurs. Are Any of These in Your Library?

Today’s article by Sandi Hunter, Director of  Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. is a very simple one. She is always being asked about the best books to read by budding Entrepreneurs and those trying to start a business. As a Director in Worldprofit, a successful company in Canada with over 18 years history, I think

5 telltale signs you’re not really interested in business success… you just like talking about it.

Today’s article is about Self Improvement, in particular about the things you need to be doing to be more successful in your business. Although the title indicates the signs you have which show you’re not interested in success, the actual article lists the 5 things successful people actually do to be successful. Dr Jeffrey Lant,

An open letter to every ambitious junior manager in the world from your most dedicated supporter, me.

If you want to get ahead in your company, then you need to read this article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit. He gives to the precise steps you need to keep in mind if you want to go up in your company and not down. Read the complete article here: Articles / Self Improvement

What really constitutes success? Courageous researchers turn the world upsidedown, as they reveal why failure should be your career path of choice.

Some Reverse Psychology for you Today! What do you think constitutes Success? Having Passion? Hard Work? Being Focused? Being Persistent? Having Good Ideas? Being Good at Something? Being Pushed? Providing a Service? Being Positive? Making Good Offers? Phoning People? The world’s foremost authorities on what constitutes success have released their long-awaited report. It is a

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