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Can you answer a quick question for me? What’s the biggest problem (or problems) you’re having with your business right now? You can reply to this post with your answer. Your answer will help me know what type of products and services (paid and free) my readers need and want. Doesn’t matter what it is,

Feeling Frustrated and Discouraged about your online business? 20 Ways to Get Motivated.

I was prompted to publish today’s article following a comment I received on a previous article here: Articles / Affiliate Marketing / A Day In The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer The commenter suggested that Affiliate Marketers would do well to use the Law of Attraction to generate more income and I have to say

What you can learn from the great Napoleon’s catastrophic failure to plan his work and work his plan!

The article I’m publishing today in the Motivational category is on a subject than many successful people are always talking about and employing in their business. They know that unless they follow the advice in this article they are doomed to failure, just like Napoleon Bonaparte. The following quote is from the start of todays

Seven things you must NEVER say to yourself if you want MAXIMUM business and personal success

I am very pleased to be able to publish another article to my blog Today, written by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit. And I would also be very pleased if you would leave a comment after you have read the article I’ve published. Today’s article is another in the Motivational category about the Seven things

Too busy? Need extra time? Then it’s time for your ‘NEVER DO’ list!

Too busy? Need extra time? Then it’s time for your ‘NEVER DO’ list! I don’t know about you but my weekends seem to disappear with lightning speed. This weekend has been no different. Especially today! After telling you yesterday that my PC had died during the week, I decided to have a look at it

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