‘For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the repeated risk of his life…’Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer… recipient of the Medal of Honor. True grit.

We don’t get much good news coming out of Afghanistan these days, even in the UK. Most of the news reports you hear about are usually reporting another death of a ‘too young’ gallant soldier, dying in the service of his country. Like most people I do not like hearing or reading news of another

How one man’s disgust and dedication helped Ghana eradicate the guinea worm disease.

Great Men do Great Things. This statement is more often true once the Great Man in question has left the office which made him great. Now free from the bureaucracy the office holds, these Great Men are able to go out into the world and do far greater things than they were able to do

How one man — known to history as ‘Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne’ — lost his majesty’s empire and gave victory to the rebellious Americans. An astonishing tale.

In Today’s article I’ve gone back to the American War of Independence theme I mentioned earlier in the week. This article is the tale of one of the most well known British Generals of the war, ‘Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne’, who, when you first read about him, appears to have lost one of the most important

‘Our lives, our fortunes, & our sacred Honor’. Rediscovering William Whipple, New Hampshire patriot, signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Although the American’s only have a few hundred years of real history, the vast majority of it involves the British. It really only starts with the War of Independence and unfortunately for the British, most of the history runs in the American’s favour, although this may just be the views put forward by Dr Jeffrey

‘My Day’ with Eleanor Roosevelt, my father’s unforgettable visit with the most important woman of the 20th century.

For Brit’s, Eleanor Roosevelt is probably not the most important woman of the 20th century. I can think of many other English women who we would probably feel fit’s that role better, but Eleanor Roosevelt certainly was a force to be reckoned with. In today’s article Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, talks about the day

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