Here’s how you get success from the very FIRST DAY of your home-based business.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have another interesting article by Dr Jeffrey Lant for you today. Today I’m taking you back to the beginning, in this article Dr Lant talks about the pitfalls most start up businesses face and then goes on to detail 6 steps to ensure you don’t fall into them. Last Words

An appreciation for the life of Paul Baran, dead at 84; helped create Internet’s precursor Arpanet.

On 26th March 2011, one of the Founding Fathers of the Internet, Paul Baran, has died, at 84,  in Palo Alto, California. Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit has written a well informed appreciation of The Man and his achievements. A Man …. who persisted in the face of rejection, wondering why authorities didn’t “get it” 

‘Til computer do us part. What to do with an uncooperative spouse undermining your home business

Do you work at home? How does that fit in with your other life and other people who live in your home? Dr Jeffrey Lant CEO Worldprofit, has written an enlightening article on the best way to handle an uncooperative spouse when it comes to running your home business. He emphasises that it should all

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