I Need Your Help

Can you answer a quick question for me? What’s the biggest problem (or problems) you’re having with your business right now? You can reply to this post with your answer. Your answer will help me know what type of products and services (paid and free) my readers need and want. Doesn’t matter what it is,

Last Minute Christmas Shopping: How To Make It Less Stressful!

As Christmas is almost upon us, I thought I publish an article today to help those people who have intentionally, but more for those who have unintentionally, found themselves at a point where they still have their Christmas shopping to do. Christmas Day is in 3 days, leaving only Friday and Saturday to make sure

Welcome to my house. What you must do — or say — and not do — or say — if you ever want to be invited back. (I’m serious.)

We’ve all been there. There are some things around your home that you just cannot do yourself and you need to get in ‘the contractors’. Whether it’s something simple like fitting a new carpet, a new boiler or something much larger like major alterations and extensions to your home, these are things that are better

The moans, groans, complaints and pontifications have begun as the Christmas marketing season of 2011 commences. Which side are you on?

As I mentioned yesterday, Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, has written a follow-up article to yesterday’s article, which you can find here: Articles / Life / We need a little Christmas., about the start of the marketing drive for christmas sales. I complained about how soon this annoyance, for me at least, had started this

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