Jun 192011

So here it is, following on from the posting earlier today (see below) containing some of the songs I like which bring to mind my own Father, who died almost a year ago on June 25th.

This being the first Fathers Day since he left us, I was extremely moved by the article Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, has written today, not just because of the song he has chosen but also because it reminds me of some of the things I should not have taken for granted, some of the things I did without a thought for my Fathers feelings and things I should have said but never did.

As we all do when someone close, is with us constantly, I never realised how much I would miss him now he’s gone, but also how much he thought of me and my lifetime achievements. These are things I only really learnt and understood by talking to my Mother after he had passed away. Things like his fear that I would be lost to him, when I was diagnosed with Leukeamia in May 2009 – He actually did not sleep for days worrying about me whilst I was in hospital. This at a time when he himself was probably more ill than I ever was, but would never show it. We knew he was ill of course but did not fully understand how ill he really was, because he kept those sort of things to himself.

He spent the last few years of his life preparing his affairs, in the background, quietly, secretly, not saying anything to my Mother, for fear she would not be able to accept or cope with it, but none-the-less preparing his affairs ready for her to take over once he had gone, for he knew his time was short. And the end when it did come, came suddenly, far too soon, he was much, much worse than we thought or he had let known.

Had he made the gravity of his illness more known to those around him, his final years would possibly have been just a little easier on him. But that was my Father, always putting on the brave face, always thinking of other people, even during the hardest part of his own life.

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I Love You and Miss You So Much.

Thank you Dr Lant for reminding me and having me in tears whilst reading and publishing it.

To read Dr Lant’s article in full go to this page: Articles / Family / ‘I’m gonna be like you, Dad.’ Father’s Day, June, 2011

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May 082011

Mother’s Day – US – Sunday May 8, 2011 – UK – 3 April 2011

Once again I am really pleased to be able to post another article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit.

Although we in the UK had Mother’s day a few weeks ago on 3 April, Dr Lant’s article today celebrates this wonderful day by looking into the history of where the actual day came from in the US.

In the United Kingdom, Mothering Sunday as it is more commonly known, is believed to have originated in the 16th century, when most mothers would be reunited with their children on Laetere Sunday, a day when young apprentices and young women in servitude were released by their masters for the weekend. This day always fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent , which in 2011 was 3 April.

By 1935 Mothering Sunday was less celebrated in Europe, despite efforts to revive the festival in the 1910s–1920s by Constance Penswick-Smith. It was eventually reinstated when American soldiers brought Mother’s Day celebrations to the UK, and it was merged with the religious festival of Mothering Sunday to become Mother’s Day in the UK.

Although the Americans are late to the party by some 5 weeks, Dr Lant’s article is very interesting to understand the different dates and how they came about. You can read the complete artcle here: Articles / Family / Mother’s day

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