Jun 222015

email-envelopeFor my post this afternoon I thought I’d open up this post to the floor and request some feedback.

You see, although I’ve been working and marketing online for quite a few years, with varied success, one of the issues I’ve faced and I’m sure many other people have faced is whether to email or not to email.

More precisely, whether to promote or not to promote. And to be even more precise – promotions every day, promotions every few days or promotions interspersed with content every now and then.

In the last few months, I’ve come across all three methods for promoting products, all from successful marketers, all of which are internet millionaires;

Method 1 – I recently had an autoresponder sequence setup for me for a range of affiliate products.

The reason being that I wanted everything setup quickly for the complete range of products this marketer was selling.

He provided all the content and setup a single autoresponder series for all four products in a sequence sending out a promotional email every 2 days. Product 1 had 3 mesaages, Product 2 – 6, Product 3 – 6 and Product 4 – 3.

This is the traditional method most people do or did in the past.

Method 2 – I haven’t implemented this method yet but started changing the first series setup above to match this sequence.

This method employs a short Welcome series of 3-4 emails, followed by weekly promotions consisting of a mix of promotional and content emails.

Each product has a Lead magnet to encourage sign-up, followed by a sales funnel leading to a more expensive/value product. Each product has it’s own separate list to ensure prospects are not oversold to.

This method is designed to build relationships with prospects before hitting them with the hard sell

Method 3 – I’ve implemented this method over the last week for the Commission Machine promotion I’ve been running.

This method involves sending only promotional emails 7 days each week for a different product each week, sometimes with multiple emails sent towards the end of the week to generate scarcity and buyer excitement.

It is recommended to run Monday to Sunday, so that buyers will see the most promotional emails at the weekend when they are most likely to buy.

This method is marketed as being the whole purpose of marketing online, which is to sell products.So just keep promoting!

Each method in my mind has its Pros and Cons.

I’ve purposely not included sales for each method as the number of prospects was not the same for those I’ve tried.

I would like to know what other people think, so please leave comments with your thoughts.

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Jan 022012

Now that the holidays are almost over, I need to get back into this blog and start posting regularly again.

So I thought a good start would be to publish an article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, about what to do with your blog if you want to make a difference by what you publish or post.

His article today, provides the insight that you need to start with a small spark or flame and then allow it to grow into something bigger. By starting small you are showing your commitment to actually do something, however small, that you can build upon as time goes by.

You can read the complete article here: Articles / Blogs and Blogging / The most bully pulpit on earth — your blog

When you’ve read today’s article, please leave us a comment so that we can share your thoughts with our other readers.


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Dec 132011

Are your blog posts being read? If not it could be that your Blog Titles are not interesting enough to get your visitors to want to read the article or post.

With any writing venture you need to grab your readers attention as soon as you can, with titles and headlines thast make your visitors want to find out more.

Your blog is probably the first place your visitors will come to from a search they may have performed online. Your blog title is the first thing they will see in the search engine results, it may be the only thing they see, so you need to make it grab their attention, so that they click on your link to your website or blog.

You can see therefore that writing the type of blog title that grabs the attention of web surfers is extremely important.

In today’s article, Sandi Hunter, Director of  Website Development at Worldprofit Inc., explains the basic principles behind writing good, interesting blog titles that will grab the attention of web surfers and make them want to visit your website or blog and find out more.

You can read the full article here: Articles / Blogs and Blogging / How to Create Blog Titles that DEMAND attention!

When you’ve read today’s article we would really like to hear your thoughts and would welcome your comments on the article to share with our other readers.


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Oct 222011

Do you struggle to write content for your blog? You’re not the only one!

Most people are not natural writers, especially when it comes to writing every day. Yes you can write a letter when you need to and perhaps you can write an article for your blog or website, once in a while, but when you have to do it every day, it starts to get more difficult.

You get the infamous ‘Writers Block’, which makes you frustrated and uptight because it’s taking far too long just top publish today’s article….. Aaarrgghhh!!!

Lately I’ve been writing more of my own content for my blog, and I can assure you it does get easier but some days I still find myself lost,.. for ideas, the right words to write down, a title, etc. On those days it takes me ages to get my article out and published,.. and boy do I get frustrated.

Sandi Hunter is Director of Website Development at Worldprofit. She is a Direcor alongside Dr Jeffrey Lant the CEO. She has written an article which provides some useful tips for making the task of writing blog content easier. You can read the article here: Articles / Blogs and Blogging / Would you rather stick needles in your eyes than blog?

Please make sure you leave us a comment when you have read todays article. As always we enjoy reading your comments and will publish them for our other readers.

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Sep 062011

Every now and then something happens, all too often in an oppressed country, that shows just how wrong some governments can be.

In Today’s article, Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, relates one such tale about a Vietnamese Mathematics Professor, Pham Minh Hoang, who has had the courage to speak out against communism in his blog.

Communism as a form of government has been abandoned by 26 countries around the world so far, mostly by 1992 and only 6 communist or socialist countries remain;

Wikipedia – List of Socialist Countries

This says a lot about the principles put forward by communism and about the freedom that the people of those countries wanted.

Governments of these remaining countries should realise that as they become ‘more modern’ and embrace modern technology and communication methods, the voice of the people will become louder and louder.  Trying to silence anyone who speaks out against them will only serve to get that message to a wider worldwide audience.

To read the complete article, visit this page: Articles / Blogs and Blogging / The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword, How Powerful a Blog Can Be.

When you’ve read today’s article, please leave us a comment that we can share with our other readers.

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