Book now for the bicentennial of America’s least necessary war, The War of 1812. The scenery will be unbeatable!

Although I mentioned yesterday I was going to publish another article about the American War of Independence, I’ve gone slightly off topic to publish today’s article. It’s still about American history but is set a few years later in 1812. This was a war fought again between the forces of, what was now the United States of America and those of the British Empire. This time over the northwest territories, Canada to be precise. The Americans wanted control of the valuable trade that Canada provided.

Today’s article however is not about the War of 1812 itself but about the forthcoming bicentennial of 2012, where on June 30-July 6, celebrations will start in Boston and extend into the other 11 East Coast American cities that had a role in the war. The complete celebrations will run from 2012 through 2015 and will include a parade of tall ships including the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest floating commissioned naval vessel.

I attended a tall ships event many, many years ago in the UK and I can honestly say that if you get the opportunity to attend at one of the cities the parade will visait, then you should. It is one of those life time events not to be missed. You will not be disappointed.

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