Beware of any ‘business’ that relies on recruiting family and friends for your success!

Today’s article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit is by way of a warning for all the ‘get-rich-quick’ type programs out there.

I’m sure we’ve all seen them and possibly joined a few, only to be disappointed when we spent much more than we actually made.

I see hundreds of them when I’m doing my daily surfing for advertising credits. Some look really good, and they often sound quite believable. In the past I must admit I have been tempted and have signed up, but now I seem to know which ones to avoid. In fact now I just don’t sign up to them.

The ones I really avoid are those which say, ‘No recruiting, No Selling, No Talking to Anyone’.  I mean come on, if you don’t need to recruit and you don’t need to sell anything, where does the money come from.

You is the simple answer to that, and from all the other gullible people who have signed up. So if you can’t signup anyone else you will never make any money.

To see what Dr Lant says and recommends in his article, you can read it in full here: Articles / Home Business / Beware Warm Marketing

If you look at the Worldprofit Opportunity, it may look very much like what Dr Lant and I, are warning you against in as much as there is a monthly cost, but the difference for me is that it also has a very valuable product from which an income can be made if you just work at it. This income is seperate from the Worldprofit Dealer opportunity, which just adds to your potential income.

When you’ve read the article I would be really interested in hearing your own thoughts, so please leave a comment and I will share it with all my readers.

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