Writing Your Resource Box So It Makes People Click – That Is What You Want Them To Do … Right?

By Graham Lee

Everyone knows and agrees that the internet is the information highway. This phrase has been used so many times now it should be nominated for the Internet Cliché Award.

People that go to the internet are subdivided into two main groups,

a) those who are looking for information and

b) those who provide information.

Generally most people in the second group, also fall into the first group because everyone who uses the internet is searching for information at some point. Whether used for gaming, business, fun or anything else, the internet has provided us with information that has proven to be very beneficial.

If you are in the group providing information, then in recent years you have probably already learnt the secrets of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

For example, more and more sites have seen the effect articles have had on the traffic their sites receive by submitting articles to directories. Some have even created sites devoted entirely to providing articles that could be read by their website visitors and have links that lead to other sites that are related to the topics and subjects of the articles.

The Resource Box

This is achieved in a very simple way. The sites may feature many articles about a whole range of topics. As a website visitor reads the articles they have searched for, they find at the end of the article a resource box that can be clicked on, to link them to the site that has submitted the article. Of course the article would be in relation to the site.

So when you submit articles, you must ensure that a resource box is included at the end of the article. It will contain the name of the author, a brief description of the author, a brief description of the sponsoring site and a link. If a reader likes what they read, they will have more tendency to find out where the article came from to read more. The resource box will be their link to the source of the article and this will entice them to visit the site and do some more reading or research for the subject or topic they are interested in.

But like the article itself, the resource box must also be eye-catching to demand the attention and interest of the reader. While the resource box may only occupy a small space, by providing the right keywords and content, your resource box will provide that little extra prodding the reader needs to go to your site.

Benefits of a Good Resource Box

Now we know what resource boxes are, what are the benefits of having a good resource box?

Clearly it’s mainly to drive traffic to your site. Many sites will allow articles to be placed on their sites because they can make use of the articles to fill their pages. The articles provide relevant and interesting content for their own visitors. They also get an affiliation with other sites that can be beneficial for them as well.

For the author, when you get people to click on your resource box, regardless of where it is on the internet, you generate traffic that can be counted upon as potential customers.

So what would be a good content for your resource box?

Keywords and Content

Basically it is keywords.

Learn the keywords that people are mainly searching for in relation to your website topic or niche. Research your website niche to find the best keywords to use. You could include keywords that other marketers are paying highly for with pay-per-click advertising, and then piggy back off their traffic. Providing that the content of the article is also relevant to your niche and includes the same keywords, the search engines will show your website in the same search results, regardless of whether you have paid for the privilege or not. There are many tools you can use that can help you in determining what keywords to use. Tools such as Google Adwords and Wordtracker can be very helpful in this respect.

You also need to be creative with your resource box. You only get a very small space to get your message across, so you better make the most of it. Try to catch the attention of your reader with resource box content that can make them give it a second look. Unlike TV ads, you don’t have visual aids to drive your point home. But you do have the power of imagination of a reader. With the right content, you can make them think and become intrigued to find out more.

You can use the same principles you would use when writing subject lines to attract your readers attention. Provide ‘How To information’, ‘Ask a question’, ‘Command them to click’ or ‘Make an announcement’. If these methods work to generate more interest in your subject lines for your emails and newsletters, they are sure to work in your resource box.

Where possible use keywords that are related to your site. Do not mislead your potential website visitors. Build your credibility so that more people will get enticed to visit your site and browse what you have to offer. Make people click your resource box by providing content, albeit small, that makes a lasting impression. You only get one chance to wow them and hundreds of chances to repulse them.

A Powerful Tool

So there we have it, your resource box is a very powerful tool in your search for more website visitors.

You must never underestimate the power of the resource box by simply saying something like ‘Article written by…’. A boring resource box will never get a job done. Be fun and creative but at the same time show that you have a great deal to offer

Is this too much to ask for something that couldn’t fit into a paragraph? Yes and no. But there are many tips and guides that can help you to get it right.

The first step is realizing how important a resource box can be in making people click your link and visit your site. It may be small in size but it will provide a significant aid in driving traffic to your site.

Make sure you use them effectively to see the maximum results.


About the Author

Graham Lee is CEO of The Income Zone, where you will find online ebusiness tools for web entrepreneurs. Graham is also the owner of a number of other websites offering tools and information about internet marketing and working online.

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