Copy. Paste. Promote. Repeat. You’ve got to be kidding right?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

How do you build an online business? Copy. Paste. Promote. Repeat.

I really hate using the first expression because I LOVE elephants but to make a point sometimes you have to be blunt.

This blog is meant to be direct and maybe make you a little irritated so you will REACT. A reaction is better than nothing. Hopefully that irritation leads to a reaction which leads to an action.

Forgive me if the tone of this blog sounds a bit tongue in cheek. My purpose is to try and get you to simplify tasks so you can get the results you want. I’d like you to think about things from a different perspective.

Every day I talk to people all over the world who are trying to build their online business. Some are having no success, some are having mixed success, some are just getting started, some have been working an online business for years. The ones who are hugely successful, I never hear from  – hmmm strange.

What’s the difference between the successful and the non-successful?  Well it depends on who you ask and your definition of success. Here’s my take on it.

  • People who are successful are DOERS!
  • They don’t over think, they plod in and get busy.
  • They make mistakes, they learn, they try again.
  • They fall down, they get up again as often as it takes to get the job done. They simplify; they don’t overcomplicate.
  • They have a unique way of looking at things, and attacking a task.
  • They FOCUS on what needs to be done, eliminate distraction.
  • They understand that small tasks can lead to big results.
  • They find what works and stick to it.
  • They have a patience many of us just can’t fathom.
  • Failure is not an option.

I had the honour of playing a round of golf with a Professional Golfer last week. This guy was good and had won numerous tournaments.  I asked him how he got to be such a good golfer and this is what he told me. He said, “I’ve played golf since I was 4. I’m 24 now. I’ve played golf pretty much every day my entire life.” I then said to him, “so you did the same thing everyday and got really good at it?”  He looked at me for a moment to make sure that I was being serious about something so obvious then he said. “Yes, I got some lessons and instructions then practised every day and here I am.”

So if I can draw from that, if you want to be good at something – successful at something – do it everyday – over and over and over again!

Could it be that simple?

Building your online business is as simple as   Copy. Paste. Promote. Repeat.  Everyday.

What do you think? Post your comments below. I’d like to see your thoughts.


About the Author

Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit Inc. Worldprofit provides a number of services for the small and home-based business community including hosting, design, webconferencing, traffic, advertising, SEO, training and resources. This year Worldprofit marks their 17th year in business.

Republished with author’s permission by Graham Lee The Income Zone.

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