Another look inside the millionaire mind-set… how millionaires look at the Internet… very different from you… and far more lucrative.

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

The Internet is divided into two quite distinct parts: people who make money every single day… and those who not only do not but can not.

I am firmly in the first category. Sadly, you are most probably in the second. If you are serious about profiting online this candid, detailed report is not only useful; it’s an absolute must. Don’t just read it once, either, and expect to get everything out of it. Study it as if your online life and prosperity depend upon it… for they do. It is part of a series of such articles you can find on my blog, details below. Each article in the series takes up a different, crucial aspect of the Internet millionaire’s mind… resolved to put you in that mind-set as soon as possible, the faster to generate the profits you desire.


I shall commence today with  a problem every person online has who is not a millionaire: sloth, laziness, endless vistas of wealth and prosperity… but torpid, meandering, a poster boy or girl for lassitude, indolence, intolerable sluggishness.

I have been on the Internet profitably now since 1994… and among other things have been teaching the essentials of online business success.  The degree of inertia and just plain lack of consistent effort and dogged perseverance is staggering.

Let’s be clear with each other. You cannot succeed online if you exhibit consistently poor and inadequate business habits. Good habits are the foundation for Internet success. Treating your online business differently from your offline business will ensure its complete and total failure.

To establish the best possible habits and make the best possible use of the time at  your disposal, you need to understand when your energy is at peek… and when, therefore, to do the essential tasks which require the most energy. I am writing this article at 4:25 a.m. Eastern time. I have learned over time that this is the best time of the day to write the 1,500 words of publishable prose I write each day and post on my website and blog. Millionaires, online and off, are expert at reviewing all their assets and deciding just when they should be used for maximum advantage.

Now, I’ve gotten off my chest something I’ve been meaning to write for some time; success comes to those who understand what they have available… then using these assets to generate other assets, maximum energy being an absolute necessity.

Stop Buying, Start Selling.

One of the Internet’s wisest entrepreneurs, George Kosch, has been reviewing and analyzing online wealth seekers for decades. It is both vocation and avocation and his knowledge of such people is encyclopedic, insightful, and often extremely funny.  He has identified one group as online business wannabees with the “Shiny New Package Syndrome”.

These folks are engaged in the never-ending, completely futile, and drainingly expensive task of buying every new thing that appears online, the better to ensure that they have the latest, best, cutting-edge do-dad which, immediately upon purchase, is hastily reviewed, then cast on top of the gigantic, only just balanced, stack of dozens, even hundreds of once “must have” items, enticing, purchased, discarded, forgotten.

This syndrome is a killer for building wealth and misses the essential point for how you can use these glittery products with the breathless descriptions to profit. There is a way, an easy way, but it involves changing your thinking from buyer to seller, for one essential and irrefutable reason: product sellers make money… product buyers do not.

You say you are online to make money, right? This being the case tell me when you last reviewed all the product descriptions and purchase opportunities and offers you receive hour by hour online? If you are reaching for an answer that doesn’t come, let me refresh your memory: you never do this, not today, yesterday, or ever. You do what  the overwhelming majority of so-called  online entrepreneurs do: you trash these advertisements, irritated that you receive them, fast into the dumpster, so there.

This conclusively proves you are not, just yet, millionaire material, since you are ignoring, overlooking and destroying just what can help you succeed.

Product review never stops… but, sadly, with you has probably never started.

Every company determined to grow, even in times of strenuous economic challenge like ours, sets about reviewing products to augment, extend and make more profitable their line. Day in, day out such entrepreneurs make a point of searching out new products that their all-important customer base and lists can monetize for them. Each day is a day for adding new products. The question before the house is: why aren’t you doing this, you with the big dreams and great desires?

Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier to discover products worldwide and build worldwide business relationships, all from the comfort of your at-home PC and Internet connection. How Christopher Columbus and all the great European explorers would envy you… for at your fingertips this very minute, you have the means of building one or more huge customer lists and of reviewing and adding new products every single day.

Product review and product selling hints.

First, what I’ve written above obviously necessitates a sea change in how you regard your email. New product details and offers must no longer be considered as “junk”; rather, look upon them as helpful information sent by people who desire you to get as rich as possible as soon as possible. When such materials arise (minute by minute online), either review at once… or transfer to an online file so you can review later.  Make it a point to review this file regularly, transferring the data you want to another file, while discarding items which seem unlikely to excite the folks on your lists.

Develop and send a stationery letter to the prime source/developer/owner of each product. Advise them you wish to add their product to your catalog/website/list. Indicate your traffic statistics and how you can sell their products. Then ask for the discount terms, name, email address, telephone number of the person handling this product. Be sure to include all your follow-up details.

Note: if this message is not answered within 48 hours, re-email and place “second attempt” at the top; you’re a serious player and the company you’re contacting needs to know it. Efficiency always helps.

Your desire for success, your ability to achieve it online is determined by how many of these letters you send… and how many new products you email to your lists.

Remember, doing so is not the work of an hour, a day or a week. If you want to do what you say you want to do, namely make money online, you must understand that you will do this until you wrap up your online enterprises for good. In my case, that will only take place when I’m six-feet under… and you should have a similar date.

Just one more thing. The products that you used to pay for, emptying  your wallet… you’ll get them free from the companies producing them as soon as you show them just what a crackerjack sales machine you are. That starts now!


About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Dr. Lant is also the author of 18 best-selling business books and a recognized marketing expert.

Republished with author’s permission by Graham Lee – The Income Zone

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