Aug 302011

Now that we’ve published over 100 Articles on this blog, the hierachial menu structure of the website was becoming a little cumbersome.

Some of the article titles were a little too long to fit the menu width and the Suffusion theme I use did not allow me to extend the width of just the third level menus easily. Also some of the article categories were becoming a little full and resulted in long scrolls down to see all the articles listed, which caused problems if you dropped off the bottom, because the menu then closed.

So I’ve adjusted the menus to only show just one nested level in the Articles menu. The Articles menu now shows a page listed for each category only, as well as a Latest Articles page.

Clicking on Articles will list all the articles we’ve published to date and clicking and holding will display the hierachial menu showing all categories. Clicking a category page will display a list of all articles in that category, with links to them. I’ve also reordered the articles and category pages themselves to list all the articles in date order, with the latest articles at the top. This should make it easier to find a specific article.

As has always been the case, we will still publish a link to the article of the day from the announcement post each day.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles we publish here and would be pleased to receive comments on them.

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