An urgent message for all those in their first job… what to do to move up fast… even in troubled economic times.

Today’s article is one that will bring back memories for many people, as the author, Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, says.

I can personally relate to his nephew’s dilemma at having to take the first job that comes along, even though it does not match or come up to the expectations he had when he left college as an honours graduate.

My son was in the same position when he left high school in 2002, unfortunately he did not have a college education but none the less he did not want to just take any job. But needs must and after a string of short part-time jobs, he ended up at McDonalds. Like Dr Lant has done with his nephew, I encouraged him to show he was a good worker, prepared to do what he could for the betterment of the company… and ultimately himself.

He is still there after 6 years, he started as most ‘kids’ do at McDonalds on the bottom rung, with no stars to his name, but has worked his way up. He showed a willingness to take on anything he was given to do and McDonalds have rewarded him by providing Management training, as well as all sorts of other training, all at McDonalds expense in Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Marketing, Stock Control and much more. He consistently gets high scores in his performance reviews, much to the chagrin of his peers who have been there much longer but only get mediocre scores.

His current position is Shift Runner, one rung below a management position, but his duties include many managerial tasks. Although recently turned down for an Assistant Managers role in the outlet he works at and then to add insult to injury, being requested to train the successful candidate,… who by all accounts is hopeless at the job, she has the knowledge but not the experience,… he has kept his head down and maintained his commited attitude and has been awarded yet another highest score in his latest PR. He will get the greater reward eventually.

So gaining valuable experience by taking any job has a lot to offer especially in these bad economic times.

If you are in the position of finding your first job, I’d encourage you to read todays article found here: Articles / General Interest / An Urgent Message For All Those In Their First Job…

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