An appreciation of Holly Hickler, master teacher, poet, her love affair with words, dead at 88.

Today’s article by Dr Jeffrey Lant, CEO Worldprofit, relates the life of Holly Hickler, a writer and poet, who knew how to craft words and how to teach them effectively.

She understood children and expected high standards from them, but always treat them with kindness and empathy. She seemed to understand tee-agers very well and wrote a book about the impersonal attitude of teachers in meeting the needs of teen-agers, titled “Vivienne: The Life and Suicide of an Adolescent Girl”.

To read the complete article, follow this link: Articles / Interesting People / An Appreciation of Holly Hickler, Master Teacher, Poet.

You can also read her Obituary in The Boston Globe here: Holly Hickler Obituary – The Boston Globe

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