Jul 012015

This could get messy.

A 19-year old kid from prospectorMalaysia has struck on a free traffic method so powerful he’s showing up some of the “old timer” gurus out there.

His method even goes against a lot of the guru-schmuru advice.

Specifically:- the advice that you need a list, money, patience and your own product to make it in this game.

What’s scary is;

He actually shows you right on the page how he does this in just a few minutes.

So who is this guy?

What is this secret method?

And how can you get in?

Here’s how to start banking moolah using this free traffic method;

1. Go to http://successtoprofits.com/utm

2. Enter the coupon code “secretmonster” on the cart page to get a nice 50% discount

3. You also get this cool free bonus from me – access to internet millionaire Michael Cheney’s best-selling traffic program (normally sells for $147) – available to download from your JVZoo account after you’ve purchased).

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Jun 302015



Yes, I went there.

Most marketers waste wayyyyy too much time on Facebook.

It’s not just the black hole of the Newsfeed either…

Cat videos, dumb-ass quizzes and braindead memes are one thing.

But even if you’re super-disciplined trying to generate free traffic to your offers on FB it’s a right royal pain in the tush.


You can stump up cash for paid ads but let’s be honest – we prefer the free methods right?

Well I’m happy to report I’ve found a new way to get free traffic (and a lot of it) and all it takes is ONE post day.


You don’t need to get followers, engage with douches, have inane conversations about cats or pretend to be anyone’s best friend.

In fact it’s got nothing at all to do with Facebook.


The kid who showed me this uses it to make over $600 a day and anyone can do this.

How do you learn this method?


Go and grab this;


Enter the coupon code “secretmonster” on the cart page and you’ll get a nice 50% off the already low, low price.

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Jun 292015


I remember seeing his picture for the first time.

He looked more like 14 than 19 years old.

“This is the wunderkid raking in hundreds of dollars a day as an affiliate?”

I was shocked.

So I delved deeper…

He’d dropped out of college choosing USD over PHD.

Smart move.

Then I saw his dossier on “the UTM project” that would change his fate forever.

I was skeptical of the claims.

Over $600 in a day without using paid ads?


Making money in 17 minutes as an affiliate without a list?

I had to see this.

I went through the report and saw step by step what he did. It was head-thwackingly simple.

Genius in fact.

Then I saw it work again right in front of my eyes in a video on his salesletter.

You have to see this – real affiliate income in minutes (with no list) is finally possible;


(Oh and make sure you enter the secret coupon code “secretmonster” on the cart page – it gets you 50% off the already low price)

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Jun 252015


I found an interesting article from Marcus Taylor on the Venture Harbour blog which provides an insight into the important steps you need to take to be successful in Affiliate Marketing.

Marcus points out that the landscape for Affiliate Marketing has changed over recent years and anyone venturing into this area needs to change they way they think and market Affiliate products if they are to stay ahead of the competion and be successful.

Read the full article here:

10 Steps to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The landscape for affiliate marketers has changed significantly over the past year.

From tighter legislation for affiliates, to Google cracking down on thin affiliate content, and a general increase in competition on the web, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for affiliate marketers to get ahead in the game.

Despite this, many smart individuals and companies continue to generate millions by staying one step ahead of the rest.

So, what is it that affiliate marketers need to do to succeed in 2015 and beyond?

I certainly gained some insight into some new ideas I should be trying and it also confirmed that Content is still King.

I’d encourage you to read the article and make your own judgements.

Once again the link to the article is:

10 Steps to a Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategy

If you enjoy the article please make sure to share this post and provide comments on your thoughts.

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Jun 242015


I’m sitting here listening to Bob Proctor talking about;

‘What Do You Want?’

He’s saying that to truly know what you want, you need to set Goals.

But not just any goal.

Most people set goals that are extensions of what they already know how to do or they set goals that are planned around what they think they can do.

But to set real goals means setting goals that are outside your comfort zone, something that will challenge you to do something you’ve never done before, that you have no idea how to achieve.

And then once you’ve done that you need to set in your mind the following thought;

Know Where You Are Going and Know That You Will Get There

Don’t worry about ‘How’ You will get there because invariably something will come along to show or set you on the first step to geting there.

The same can be true when choosing to work in affiliate marketing.

You know what you want or where you want to be, but you are nervous because you’ve never done it before. You’re worried that you cannot make it work. You fear that you will not know how to get there.

But if you get your mindset into both sides of the statement above, you will know that you will get there because the tools you need will come along that will help you get there.

The Commission Machine is just such a tool.

Michael Cheney shows you step by step how to make affiliate marketing work. If you follow the steps he gives then you will know that you will get there.

And to help you even further, we’ve put together a Bonus package to help you;


You need to take the first step and click on the link to view the bonuses then on the Buy link to get into this affiliate training.

By the way, the Bonuses will disappear at Midnight Tonight, so you better be quick.


To Your Success

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